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Electronic Flow Meter Filling Systems

Electronic mass flow meter filling system can supply a proportional signal directly in weight measurement units. These systems assure maximum dosing precision and do not require any maintenance. Thanks to the extremely small number of functional elements, the filling machine can be sanitized very easily and the Electronic Volumetric filling allows optimized bottling under a microbiological profile. The system works without pressure in the bottle and with a light positive pressure inside the filler bowl, allowing to process both high density and liquid products in containers of different materials.
The filling is controlled by the PLC that gives the go-ahead to start the filling when the sensor detects the presence of the bottles. The electronic dosing devices with mass or magnetic flow meters show that the preset filling volume has been reached and control the closing of the valve, allowing a dosing precision of 0,2%. The main advantages are precise volumetric filling and microbiological safety.

Electronic Flow Meter Electronic Flow Meter
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