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FRAMAX specializes in the supply of machinery and complete “Turn Key” production lines for the bottling and packaging industry, covering primarily the beverage field but also catering for special needs in the food and chemical sectors.

Our main objective is to provide Customers promptly with a custom-made solution, specifically designed to protect and guarantee the quality of the finished product with the use of the highest and most up-to date technology.

Framax can supply filling lines to suit a wide range of products such as mineral water, carbonated soft drinks, wine, beer, edible oils, mixed alcoholic beverages, liqueurs, fruit juices etc., into traditional or modern packaging, such as bottles made of Pet, Pen, Glass, HDPE, cans, bag-in box-etc.

The key to our success is the “know how” gained in over 40 years of experience in this industry and the ability to supply equipment performance, competitive pricing and efficiency of after sale service and support.

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Framax can supply also the following:

Depallettising systems suitable for glass bottles, PET bottles, cans, jars etc

Synthetic bottle production (PET, PEN, PVC, etc.), single or double stage Pet blow-moulding and extrusion moulding.

Unscramblers for plastic bottles complete with silo storage systems and automatic extraction conveying to the bottling line

Bottle washing machines for returnable glass bottles

Liquid rinsing/sterilizing machines with one or more treatment

In January 1993 a branch of CAMEX was founded and became independent: FRAMAX s.r.l. specializing in machinery project planning and engineering of complete plants for the bottling and packaging industry.
1980 CAMEX incorporates several Italian mechanical workshops, each one specializing in the construction of various machinery which are part of the production process of natural corks and roll on pilfer proof caps production.
The company's name was changed from Intercanox to CAMEX s.a.s.
The original Company was founded with former name INTERCANOX s.n.