Wine (flat & sparking) Spirits and Liqueurs

Beverage filling technologies

  • Filling systems are typically low vacuum-gravity for flat wines & counter-pressure filling for both flat and sparkling wines, closures with natural or synthetic corks, screw caps, mushroom corks & wire-hoods, depending on the specific packaging requirements.

    The product is thoroughly protected by vacuum air removal and inert gas saturation of the empty bottles as well as the caps and the bottle neck headspace.

    An extensive range of filling valve designs are available according to the specific product characteristics, filling system, bottle types and customer requirements, thus ensuring product protection and efficiency.

  • Our bottling machines can process many types of bottles (glass, PET, aluminum, polycarbonate, etc.) in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

    Our capping units are suitable for various different types of caps such as crown, plastic pre-threaded, aluminum ROPP, ring pull, natural cork, etc…


  • Our canning machines can process different types of cans and ends (standard, slim, sleek, etc.).


  • Our keg filling machines can process the traditional Stainless-Steel returnable kegs as well as any kind of one way kegs.

Filling systems:

  • Counter Pressure

    Counter pressure filling systems suitable for filling all kinds of carbonated and still products such as carbonated water, soft drinks, beer, etc.
    This is featured by various different types of filling valve designs, from the traditional mechanical counter-pressure, to the most sophisticated electro-pneumatic system.
    The traditional mechanical counter-pressure valve enables to carry out several phases such as pressurization, CO2 injection, multiple pre-evacuation, levelling and snifting.
    The usage of the electro-pneumatic valve allow to carry out the same functions, but it is completely controlled and programmable from the operator panel. This allows the most up-to date technology and flexibility which is necessary to obtain high quality results and reduced risk of contamination.

  • Low Vacuum-Gravity

    Low vacuum-gravity filling systems are recommended for still, non-dense products such as for example still water, wine, alcoholic beverages (vodka, whiskey, brandy, etc), chemical products and generically any kind of flat non viscous liquids.
    Various models of filling valves are available within this category, specifically designed to cater for the filling level requirements, bottle shape, neck shape and product.
    Several optional features are available such as the “millimetric adjustment of the filling level” controlled directly from the user interface panel, air return outside the filling tank (to avoid the air from the bottles contaminating the product in the filler bowl), centralized level regulation and more.


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